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You have entered the web site of the Retardlican National Party. The Retardlicans were founded on core beliefs that only our founding fathers could have foreseen:

Small Government

Quite simply, politicians are too dam stupid, greedy, immoral, and unethical to be capable of successfully managing too many things at one time. More...

Gun Control and the Second Amendment

Gun control, shlum control. The Retardlicans believe in YOUR constitutional right to blow anyone's head off! More... More...

Abortion and Pro-Life

The Retardlicans believe every human life form has the right to a chance at life. There is NEVER a justification for abortion. More...

Enhanced Interrogation Techniques?

We think every terrorist should be tied up, stripped, poor honey all over, and thrown into a nest of East African Driver Ants. More...

Get the Bush-cheney Home Waterboarding Kit

Whatever your torture needs the Bush-Cheney Home Waterboarding Kit will ALWAYS inflict the most pain... GUARANTEED! More...

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